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Rocky_Tennessee Battery Sales has been a part of Dickson, TN for over 25 years and we’re not planning on leaving any time soon!

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  1. Request for GHS / ANSI-OSHA compliant Material Safety Data Sheet (Batch : B3802, Project_ID : PI_227)


    I am looking to obtain the latest GHS / ANSI-OSHA Material safety Data Sheet on behalf of a mutual client, Porcelain Industries, Which i was not able to locate on your website.

    1) Product_Name: Commercial Battery
    Product Code: GC-15

    Porcelain Industries is a US client and would prefer an GHS / ANSI-OSHA compliant MSDS if available. If not, we gladly accept the regulatory format your MSDS’s come in.

    For your record please see the attached authorization letter from Porcelain Industries.

    Please email PDF version of the MSDS’s to bps3@msdsonline.com and if you could mention our Reference number B3802 in the subject line that would be appreciated. If the product is not hazardous and does not require MSDS, could you please email us an Exempt Letter indicating the same?

    If you require any additional information, Please do not hesitate to ask, Thank you for your time.

    Criss Norman

    1. Good morning!

      Just checking back with you on the MSDS sheets; did you require any additional information? Please let me know if there is there anything else we can help you with. Have a great day!

  2. I see you guys deliver.I’ll take a case of Trojans that you advertise on the billboard and 2 8d batteries for my John Deere.I’m about 70 miles north of New York city.

    1. Thank you so much for contacting us! Sorry for the delay in answering…I’ve been comparing freight expenses. I would need to verify payment choices, as well as access to a loading dock, pallet jack(s), and drone accessibility to the air space around the delivery location. Otherwise, I will be sending two associates (who share your last name, coincidentally!), in our awesome delivery truck; they should be arriving within the week, weather permitting. Actually, drone delivery would be dependent on the weather, as well, although I understand our business location is experiencing colder temps than upstate New York. Once delivery accessibility and payment options have been verified/decided upon, we’ll send the product right up!!!

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