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Open For Business!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Are you ready for some winter weather? Let us make sure your vehicle is ready to go when you are. Stop by for a FREE test of your vehicle’s:

  • battery and electrical systems – Flooded, AGM, Marine, AGM Marine
  • Starting & Charging Systems
  • CCA and AH battery tests

Being prepared for travel in really cold/icy/snowy/weather is a must. Here are some great tips for being prepared and for safe winter driving: TDOT’s Winter Driving Tips.

The guys at explain why your battery “suddenly doesn’t seem strong enough”. Read what they have to say below then head on over to Tennessee Battery for a FREE battery check!

Make sure your battery and charging system are up to snuff.
“Your mechanic should check the battery, charging system, and belts. Your battery can leave you stranded simply because it’s old and lousy. Or it could leave you stranded because your charging system isn’t working well, and the battery isn’t getting charged properly. So have your mechanic check the battery and charging system.

If you find that you need a new battery, get the biggest, meanest, ugliest battery that will fit in your car. Two things to remember about batteries: Continue reading

Stuff That Last Stocking & Get Ready For The Cold!

Yes, Tennessee Battery is open Saturday, 12/30/17, from 8:00am to 3:00pm!!!!

Not only can you get your last minute shopping finished up here, we can check your vehicle’s starter/alternator/battery FREE OF CHARGE! Bone-numbing cold is on its way and you will need your car/truck/alternative way of getting out and about to work when you most need it. From loose connections to cables in dire need of being replaced to a battery that…just…isn’t…quite…right, we can make sure your vehicle is ready to roll. Don’t delay….no need to be stranded when it’ll only cost you time to stop by to check the fickle parts.

We have small but mighty air compressors, booster boxes and cables, tough-as-nails cell phone cases with built-in flashlights (no need to search for the app when you really need a light NOW), Power Wheels batteries/chargers, vehicle battery tenders and so much more.

Stop by Saturday for stocking stuffer deals! Oh yeah – we are closed Monday, 12/25/17. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Wishing you a wonderful Monday!!!


Day #4 – Stock Up & Power On!

Stock up on your essential battery needs! This way, you won’t have to run out during the holiday madness for powering a toy/device/battery-operated gift of some sort!

We stock different flavors of AA/AAA/C/D/9 volt, 123A, CR2, button or coin cells, alkaline/lithium/lithium-ion/LIPO, rechargeables and chargers, cell & cordless phone batteries….pretty much any of them! From single batteries to bulk (boxes of up to 500 AA/AAA !!), we have what you need to keep your devices running!

Stocking stuffer priced to move! We are open 7:30am – 5:00pm today and Friday, 8:00am – 3:00pm Saturday!

Day #3 – Tactical Stocking Stuffer!

For the really good boys and girls out there who demand performance, reliability, and craftsmanship in their lighting tools!

We are proud to be a dealer for the PowerTac brand tactical flashlights. We are offering the Warrior Reloaded G2 (850 lumens, law enforcement edition) LED flashlight  with recharge station as the ultimate stocking stuffer! Suggested retail on these high-power LED lights is $169.95; we are offering them at a Stocking Stuffer Price of $120.00 through Saturday, 12/30/17!

We have many other flashlights for stuffing your stockings, starting at just $2.00!! Don’t forget your batteries – alkaline, lithium (all flavors), and rechargeables – in stock and ready for action! See you soon!!




Stuff A Stocking Countdown – Day #2

Day #2:

Household power from your cigarette lighter!

Going to be traveling the next few weeks? Need to run a bunch of errands or meet up with friends/family? Need to have your phone or tablet or even laptop available for business or last-minute shopping?

For long or short hauls that require running or charging your device but you lost or don’t have the cigarette lighter plug-in, we offer mobile inverters, both cup-holder style or regular cigarette lighter plug style.  Inverters don’t just charge your device, they allow you to run the device without it heating up, which is never a good thing. Available in 100 watt to 180 watt, they will power your device so you can work, play, and travel without that worry on an otherwise traffic and weather stressed trip!

Stocking Stuffer priced at $17.00 for the Cigarette 100W Inverter (regularly $20) and $28.00 for the 180W Cup Inverter (regularly $32). Don’t forget to mention this post and receive an extra 5% off your total purchase!

(Have you bought your stocking yet?)



Stuff a Stocking Countdown!!!

Day #1:

Power Banks!

Everyone – at some time – needs to charge their (or their kid’s) phone/tablet/device and will invariably not be anywhere near electricity. Keep the wailing to a minimum with a pre-charged Mobile Power Bank! Just plug the device into the unit, turn it on, and instant happiness!!  In either 4,000mah or 10,000mah, you are guaranteed to be the parent or relative of the day. The 10,000mah unit is dual USB so you can charge your phone and tablet or another phone at the same time.  In blue, red, or silver, these make GREAT stocking stuffers! (While they do come pre-charged, it’s a good idea to go on and plug it in to top it off.)

Stocking Stuffer Priced at $22.00 (regularly $26) for the 10,000mah unit and $12.00 (regularly $15) for the 4,000mah unit. Don’t forget to mention this post and get an extra 5% off your total purchase price!!

Stocking Stuffer Pricing good through Saturday, December 23rd.

Countdown to Stuff a Stocking!

And so begins the Countdown to Stuff a Stocking!

Starting Monday, December 18th, Tennessee Battery Sales will be highlighting the awesome items we have to stuff a stocking of someone you care about! But FIRST…….you gotta have a stocking!!!!!

What better stocking to stuff full of goodies than an awesome Pelican Cooler?! You can put all kinds of trinkets and goodies and necessary items in these stockings! Let your imagination run fun!! You could always just get that special someone the stocking – let them stuff it with their own version of trinkets!

So, to kick off the Six Days of Stuffing a Stocking, come by and get the ultimate stocking to stuff!! Plus a few other cool things, while you’re at it! And while you’re at it, mention this post and you’ll get 5% off  on your total purchase of up to $100 or 10% off your total purchase of $100.01 and up!

Winterizing your vehicle, stocking stuffers & more!

First, let’s go with “5 Simple Tips For Winterizing Your Vehicle”, from the nice folks at Battery Tender. We stock their products – Battery Tender Jr. ($30) and the Junior 12V 800 Selectable Lead Acid/Lithium Charger ($36).  Don’t wait until the really cold weather is here – check your vehicle out for safety and peace of mind. Tennessee Battery Sales will inspect your vehicle’s cables and terminals for good connection as well as checking your battery, starter and alternator. And it’s free!!   Should you need new cables/cable ends/terminals, we have those in stock and can build a custom cable if needed.

Now, for the fun stuff!!

New Product to safely light up your night – or just a really dark corner…The Old Red Lantern is a 15 LED, 100 lumen lantern that brings classic charm and warm, inviting light to any space. Blending rustic design with modern technology, the Old Red features a realistic flickering flame and a control to adjust the amount of light that is generated. No smoke and no fire…the Old Red operates for hours on end with 4 AA batteries, which are included. High (100 lumens) and low settings; metal construction with wire-guarded glass globe, a hanging hook, and a no-fire, realistic flickering flame.

Stocking Stuffers!!!

Along with our flashlights (starting at $2.00), we also have cellphone/tablet accessories, small yet powerful air compressors, a variety of battery operated and oil/kerosene lanterns and, BATTERIES! Tennessee Battery Sales is an authorized DEKA and Trojan Battery dealer – automotive, golf cart, solar, heavy equipment, commercial and industrial industries. We stock VARTA, DURACELL, and Panasonic batteries and build custom battery packs as well.

Come see us at 1942 Hwy 46 South in Dickson and Recharge Your Day!!!