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We Have Salt!!! And a few other things…..

We have your battery and accessory needs – from small watch/key fob/gun sight/dog collar batteries to cordless/cell phone batteries/chargers/power banks to wire and cable as well as lots of accessories!

* Ask about becoming a Dealer!!!
* We have a fresh batch of remanufactured/refurbished batteries on the way!
* We still have Traction & Ice Melt available, because you just know the bad weather is on its way…
* Laptop and computer back-up batteries, smoke/fire alarm batteries, game feeder/gate opener batteries
* We provide full testing of your vehicle’s battery, alternator, and starter free of charge, as well as cleaning your terminal ends and inspecting your battery cables.
* We stock the most popular battery cables but can build custom cables if we don’t have the one you need!
* We do service calls!
* We work on golf carts, ATVs/UTVs, light automotive/truck and more!
* We sell and install semi and boat batteries, both deep cycle and starting!
* Flat-bed, utility, enclosed and stock trailer work as well as campers and RV’s!
* We now offer marine Optima batteries!
*Tennessee Battery is a certified LifeSafer Ignition Interlock installer/service provider. Click the link for more information.

Give us a call or stop by for a visit! We’re here to help!!