Countdown to Stuff a Stocking!

And so begins the Countdown to Stuff a Stocking!

Starting Monday, December 18th, Tennessee Battery Sales will be highlighting the awesome items we have to stuff a stocking of someone you care about! But FIRST…….you gotta have a stocking!!!!!

What better stocking to stuff full of goodies than an awesome Pelican Cooler?! You can put all kinds of trinkets and goodies and necessary items in these stockings! Let your imagination run fun!! You could always just get that special someone the stocking – let them stuff it with their own version of trinkets!

So, to kick off the Six Days of Stuffing a Stocking, come by and get the ultimate stocking to stuff!! Plus a few other cool things, while you’re at it! And while you’re at it, mention this post and you’ll get 5% off  on your total purchase of up to $100 or 10% off your total purchase of $100.01 and up!