Stuff A Stocking Countdown – Day #2

Day #2:

Household power from your cigarette lighter!

Going to be traveling the next few weeks? Need to run a bunch of errands or meet up with friends/family? Need to have your phone or tablet or even laptop available for business or last-minute shopping?

For long or short hauls that require running or charging your device but you lost or don’t have the cigarette lighter plug-in, we offer mobile inverters, both cup-holder style or regular cigarette lighter plug style.  Inverters don’t just charge your device, they allow you to run the device without it heating up, which is never a good thing. Available in 100 watt to 180 watt, they will power your device so you can work, play, and travel without that worry on an otherwise traffic and weather stressed trip!

Stocking Stuffer priced at $17.00 for the Cigarette 100W Inverter (regularly $20) and $28.00 for the 180W Cup Inverter (regularly $32). Don’t forget to mention this post and receive an extra 5% off your total purchase!

(Have you bought your stocking yet?)