Stuff That Last Stocking & Get Ready For The Cold!

Yes, Tennessee Battery is open Saturday, 12/30/17, from 8:00am to 3:00pm!!!!

Not only can you get your last minute shopping finished up here, we can check your vehicle’s starter/alternator/battery FREE OF CHARGE! Bone-numbing cold is on its way and you will need your car/truck/alternative way of getting out and about to work when you most need it. From loose connections to cables in dire need of being replaced to a battery that…just…isn’t…quite…right, we can make sure your vehicle is ready to roll. Don’t delay….no need to be stranded when it’ll only cost you time to stop by to check the fickle parts.

We have small but mighty air compressors, booster boxes and cables, tough-as-nails cell phone cases with built-in flashlights (no need to search for the app when you really need a light NOW), Power Wheels batteries/chargers, vehicle battery tenders and so much more.

Stop by Saturday for stocking stuffer deals! Oh yeah – we are closed Monday, 12/25/17. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Wishing you a wonderful Monday!!!