Tennessee Battery Welcomes POWERTAC!

Tennessee Battery welcomes POWERTAC tactical lights! We have just received our first shipmentpowertac of POWERTAC lights and are stocking the 950 lumen E5 Generation 3 light with XM-L2 LED, as well as the Weapon kit; the Warrior Reloaded GEN II Law Enforcement (850 lumen) package, the E8 (340 lumen) flashlight, and our personal WOW! favorite, the Destroyer!! 2100 lumens, 3/4 mile beam, four brightness modes with strobe, a shoulder strap and a waterproof fan for superior active heat dissipation! Stop by for demonstration! 

We continue to stock the Outback Flashlight line as well – still very popular and in stock now! joeyOne of our most popular Outback lights is the Joey. This innovative light offers three lighting modes including a 1 Watt LED flashlight, utility light bar & red flashing emergency light (2 mile radius), with a magnetic base to light up your darkest corners from under the hood, trailers, air ducts – anywhere a magnet will stick!